University experience in Copenhagen, Denmark

University experience in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is known as one of he happiest countries on earth and there are multiple reasons for that, one of them being free higher education. Katrina shares her experience studying in Copenhagen and seeing a different attitude when it comes to higher education.

  • Your name, age, country where you study? 

My name is Katrine Zujeva, I am 21 years old, and I am from Latvia. Currently I live and study in  Copenhagen, Denmark. 

  • Your university and programme, what year are you in right now? 

I used to study Export Sales at UCN in Aalborg, but have changed my professional preference and  started another education. Now I am a first year bachelor student of International Shipping and  Trade program at CBS. 

  • What’s different/special about studying and living in your country & university? 

First of all, higher education is free in Denmark. Not only is it free, but I would say, it is on a very high  level in bigger cities’ universities. There is a wide variety of program choices, and many options for further professional development. 

It’s an economically stable and developed country, thus there are also many options for financial support for students. 

  • What are the best memories/stories about studying abroad that you have? 

There are many good stories to remember, but what I would like to stress the most about my path of  being educated in Denmark, is the country’s liberal views on education. It is very common to take a  gap year after high school here. When I just moved to Denmark I was rather sceptical to this  concept, but then I realized that it stands for a much bigger idea. Here, in Denmark, you are not  pressured to find your profession right away. You have room for mistakes and trials. It is always  possible to apply for another university, for another course, even start education over after 30 and  find your true self, ending up doing what you actually have a calling for. 

I always end up being surrounded by the like minded people here, and I find it precious. 

Moreover, I have been living in such a multicultural environment, and made friends from all over the  world! It really broadens your horizons and makes you look at the world from a different cultures’  perspective. You become more open-minded and conscious about the word around you, learn  different languages and become more flexible.

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