Student Life in London

Student Life in London

Moving to London can be stressful or even scary but the opportunities and experiences that come with that are worth it! Anna has gone through that stage in her life and now on the 3rd course of her studies she shares a bit of her student story.

  • Your name, age, country where you study?

 Anna 20 England 

  • Your university and programme, what year are you in right now?

University of the Arts London, BA Design Management with Creative Computing Y3 (out of  4)  

  • What’s different/special about studying and living in your country & university?

As someone, who was born and bred in a country with a far less compelling learning  environment I could only imagine what living and studying in a city as diverse as London will bring.  It’s been two years since I’ve moved to UK and back then I knew no one and nothing but the  language. Utilizing my only asset, I’ve met my dear friends at the course and navigated through the  life in the student halls. And if at first I expected everyone but me to be local, now I’m perfectly used  to the fact that England did a great job making people from all around the world feel at home and  I’m not an exception myself! I study at the University of the Arts London, which is so big it almost has  an ecosystem of its own – students jokingly say that it only takes one glimpse to know if someone’s  from UAL or not. As I’ve only ever been a student of my university I might be overly biased but I can  say with confidence that UAL has given me the freedom to explore and develop my academic and  professional potential by providing the tools and guidance I needed, while also teaching me to  become an independent learner and practitioner in the future.  

  • What are the best memories/stories about studying abroad that you have?

As I love being around people, the best memories from my university are the days that  have been filled with bunter and food. A story I remember particularly well is the one when we have  been split into groups to complete the ‘spaghetti marshmallow challenge’ and the winner team got a  crate of beer from the tutors – the vividness of this memory is doubled as I happened to be in that  team. Other learning experiences I am fond of are the days I had to pitch my projects and listen to  that of my peers, as I personally think you learn best by comparison and benchmarking, which was  daunting at start. Now that I’m not a fresher anymore I understand how extremely important it is to  keep up with an inquisitive mind in a fast-paced creative environment.

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