Studying and Living in the Netherlands – Tilburg University

Studying and Living in the Netherlands – Tilburg University

Every year students all over the world move to the Netherland to start their degrees and last year Veronika was one of them. At the moment she is continuing her degree and making the most of her experience. Here is a short overview of her time in Tilburg

  • Your name, age, country where you study?

My name is Veronika Gorbacova, I am 19 years old and I am currently studying in the Netherlands.

  • Your university and programme, what year are you in right now?

I have entered the second year of the Public Governance Bachelor programme at Tilburg University.

  • What’s different/special about studying and living in your country & university?

When moving to another country, you will notice many things that are different from what you are used to in your homeland. That’s the beauty of studying abroad – you get an insight into a foreign culture and get a chance to see different lifestyles.

  • What is special about the Netherlands?

Everything! I can start with an obvious difference – bikes. Here bikes are an inevitable reality. The amount of bikes even overcomes the number of inhabitants, which makes sense as it is the most usual transportation in the Netherlands.

I also find special the fact that almost all the people I encounter here speak fluent English. It makes my life so much easier! It gives you a chance not only to communicate with locals but also to find a job and feel more welcomed.

  • What are the best memories/stories about studying abroad that you have?

There are so many of them! The best memories are always connected with new people you meet, whose background differs from yours, however, you get along so easily. It never stops surprising me! The best memory of studying abroad was the day when I met my best friend. Her name is Luna, she is half French half Colombian, but it, honestly, feels like we have been raised together, that’s how well we bonded.

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