My studies at London South Bank University

My studies at London South Bank University

Today you will get the experience to meet Polina who is from Estonia and started her studies in England this fall. Her studies just started but she has shared her first impression about the school and England.

  1. What was the first impression of UK and London University of South Bank?

It was absolutely positive. I was very lucky since I did not have to self-isolate for 2 weeks and could start enjoying my experience right away. I was walking on the streets of London and wondering around getting to feel the wonderful city.

2. Tell us about your first week at school!

My first week was called the freshers “Welcome week”. Due to COVID 19 the “Welcome week” was organised digitally so we had many different online sessions. The streams were devoted to different organisational details, introduction to student societies and all the other possibilities at the University of South Bank. Sessions were happening every single day and repeated as well so everyone could find a suitable time sloth. After the sessions we had a lot of time to walk around the city and get to know surroundings.

3. Was life at University of South Bank what you expected?

Unfortunately, I did not have any expectations connected with UK or London South Bank University. I was afraid of the new experience- life in the new country where I do not know anyone. Studying in the UK university in foreign language. First days were hard to me but I had a lot of support from my nearest and dearest.

4. What are you studying? Tell us about your course mates and teachers.

I am studying Economics, Accounting and Finance at the London South Bank University. In terms of the pandemic our classes are organised mostly online but we have some on campus lectures too. Because of the situation and online studying I do not know a lot of my classmates, but I hope we will communicate well when the condition go back to normal. As regards of the modules and teachers I respect and love them all.

5. Why did you choose UK for your studies?

It was a very spontaneous decision. I have always been dreaming of going to study abroad far away from Estonia. We considered England a country that is affordable to live and study.

6. Tell us about your favourite place you have visited so far or your favourite experience.

Since I have a lot of homework so I do not have enough time to explore all the city. I have one day off in a week so I can explore then. My favourite place is Brisk Lane Vintage Market. I have already visited the place 3-4 times and I keep going back.

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