Topstudy 2020 will take place from 11.11.2020 to 13.11.2020. We will have FREE webinars every day  from 12:00 to 16:00 Eastern European Time. Please check the time so you will not miss your webinar because of the time difference.

We have limited places available for each of the webinars. Since most of the time each webinar covers a different topic you want to register fast and not miss your spot last minutes.

We have three different webinar options available. You can take part in all of them but in case you have a preference you will find an explanation here.

  • University presentations give you overview about the school, courses they offer, application process, funding, housing, and student life.
  • Sample lecture is a 45 minute lecture about specific course related topics.
  • Meet the student webinar gives you an opportunity to meet students who are studying in a specific university or a country.

We welcome students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Webinars will take place from 12:00 to 16:00 Eastern European Time.

Great thing is that you can join us with all your classmates since some of our webinars are available for all the class. Please find out more HERE and share the information with your teacher.

All our webinars are FREE of charge but you do need to pre register because we have limited places available for each seminar. Unfortunately only the fastest will get the place once it is full you can only register for the waiting list. Please leave your email HERE so you will be the first one to see our schedule when we are ready to launch.

You can register through our website. Please find our registration form HERE or click on the registration button on our website.

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