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At TopStudy, we believe that education is a basic human right. Being part of something that allows us to facilitate young minds shape their future and turn their aims into reality is our reward. As an organization, we take pride and great care in our professionalism and corporate ethos to exemplify our practices as second to none.

TopStudy was founded in 2005. We have sufficient experience in providing a wide range of knowledge and information in the education sector. As of today, Topstudy has expanded successfully as it has continued to progress tirelessly and now is even serving the wider Baltic region.

These days, perspective students have all kinds of possibilities in front of them to study abroad. However, the information and process of applying can often be overwhelming and time consuming.

Our main goal is to reduce the fear and obstacles associated with going abroad along with assisting students with the application procedure. The assistance ranges from preparation of necessary documents, appropriate advice based on students interests, interaction with universities, applying for funding, and so on.

We have several universities who have partnered with us around the world. They are located in England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. If you are interested in studying abroad and want to take the next step, TopStudy is waiting for you.

“Making the right decision doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s where we step in to make sure that you will choose the right one.” 


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